Advertising with Flyers

Today we are going to focus on the importance of flyer making and how, when done properly, can catapult your sales.

One of the first things to remember is to be brief but concise. People are notorious for skimming any reading material. So flyers with paragraphs of text or a huge lists can overwhelm the reader. Below I will break down what is important to place on your flyers to be most effective.

First step is to break down what you offer. Having one main flyer that states the things offer (without prices) will give the viewer an idea if you offer what they are looking for. This can be sent to a buyer initially to see what additional flyers they would like to see. for Example:

Content I Offer:

Premium Snap

Group Premium


Video Chats

Snap Sessions


Worn Items

Next step are your individual flyers. These are the flyers for your premium, OnlyFans, video calls and more. At the top of each flyer state what the product is. Underneath provide a brief description of what it is. For example:


What is OnlyFans?

An ID verified website where I post XXX content daily and go live. Nothing ever deletes so there are hundreds of photos and videos.


What is a custom?

A custom is a personal photo or video shot exclusively for you. You may save and keep these forever.

Snap Sessions

What is a snap session?

Sending live photos, videos, audio messages back and forth for a specific amount of time

Every model runs their content differently, so providing a brief description allows the user to understand your process.

Underneath your description list your pricing options. If you offer options or variations of your content please include a single sentence description of each variation. For example:

Premium Snap

What is a Premium?

A private snapchat account where I post daily 10-15 minute long shows.


Tier One

2 XXX Shows a week

One Month - $10

One Year - $60

Tier Two

4 XXX shows a week

One Month - $20

One Year - $100

All Access

6 XXX shows a week

One Month - $25

One year - $150

Video Chats

What are video chats?

A one on one video call where we play together.

You may show yourself, your face, the floor whatever you are comfortable with.


Watch Me Cum

I strip and tease before I toy myself until I cum.

5 Mins - $20

10 Mins - $40

JOI/Have Me Watch

I talk naughty and help you cum while I watch while topless

5 Mins - $15

10 Mins - $25


Have me dominate and humiliate you while you play with yourself

5 Mins - $30

10 Mins - $40

Breaking your content down like this makes it clean and clear. It also reduces how often you will have to repeat yourself and customer confusion. I have had so many buyers reach out thinking they were scammed because they thought they purchased something they did not.

You are almost complete with your flyer information! The last bit of information you need to place at the bottom of your flyers are your stipulations. These are the rules or exceptions. For example if you offer customs state at the bottom of the flyer how long it takes for a buyer to receive their content. For me personally I ask that folks allow up to 48 hours to receive their custom. This gives me plenty of time to incorporate it into my filming schedule. Keep this brief and positive.

One tip that makes things easier is make these menus as notes in your phone. That way as you recreate flyers overtime you can copy and paste the info instead of typing it all out every time.

Designing Your Flyers

Now that you have all the information for your flyers time to hop into a flyer editor. The apps I recommend for flyer creation are:




These apps are super user friendly and the monthly/yearly subscription prices are low. I alwaysssss suggest paying for apps to remove watermarks and access all the app features. Remember subscribtion fees and programs can be written off at tax time. This is your business so investing in it is super important.

Now that you’ve opened the app it’s time to create!

The common concept that rolls down through the whole flyer process is being clean and precise… this also applies to your font choice and background. Having anything distracting or a very detailed background pulls away from the information. A crazy decorative font also makes things very hard to read. Think of a restaurant menu. The most elaborate font you typically see is cursive.

When selecting a background make sure there is a consistent font color you can use across the flyer. Meaning if there is a pattern that one font color wont get lost or appear invisible. No black text on a zebra pattern. Personally I found a basic ombre pattern works the best. Adds color but doesn’t distract in any way.

Font choice is very important. For your header it can be funky as long as it is immediately readable. The rest of the info (description and pricing) should be in a basic font. it is important to never use more than 2-3 font types on one image. This is a rule across all advertising mediums in any industry. Excessive font types add a layer of chaos and distrupt the flow.

I have experimented with all sorts of flyers and this have providing the best results. Below I will include my personal flyers so you can get a visual idea of the completed process.

Good luck and make that money!

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