Advertising With Reddit

Advertising is critical to our growth and building our customer base. One platform that can be amazing for sales is Reddit. Reddit allows adult content and linking which is perfect for our industry. If you haven’t used Reddit before it is an app that features millions of creator based communities you can post in. With the huge variety of communities you can always find a place for your niche of content.

First things first build out a brief profile description that describes you and the content you create. Sell yourself and your content.

Next you need to join communities. Do that by selecting this icon at the bottom of your screen:

This will pull up the communities tab. From here you can search all sort of communities to join. I recommend searching keywords that apply to you. Here are some keywords I used to search to give you an idea.










As you type the words suggested communities will pop up. Select the community you are curious about and scroll through posts. Does it look like your content would fit in and stand out? If the answer is yes the next step is to read the communities rules. Each community has it’s own set of rules. If you do not follow these your post WILL get deleted. Some have title requirements, some only allow linking in comments and some don’t want links at all. Now I know what you are thinking… if I can’t link how do i sell?

Communities are only one part of Reddit you also have your main profile page. Like Instagram or twitter or TikTok you can build out your personal page. There are no rules on your own page. You may link and reference anything you’d like. So when folks see your post in a community they click on your profile and see your links and everything else.

What type of media can I post on Reddit?

Reddit allows you to post text, images and videos, but some are trickier than others to post. Most communites wont allow you to upload videos, but there is a way around that.

In order to upload a video you must utilize a gif making website. There are many to choose from that are specifically made for adult content. Using a PG13 app for a porn gif will get you reported. Some of the XXX gif sites I recommend are:

To create a Gif all you have to do is create an account and select Upload. Once it is uploaded you will have the ability to trim it to your preferred length. Once the clip is rendered (finalized) you will be given a link. Now you need to return to the Reddit App.

Click the giant plus sign at the bottom center of the app. You will need to select the commnity you would like to post the gif to. This will pull up the post compose screen. When it asks you for your type of post select link. You will also notice it states at the bottom of the screen what is not allowed. When you select link you see a line appear that says link URL. Paste your Gif link there. Before you hit next select RULES in the top left corner. Double check your post follows their rules. Once you are ready select “Next“ in the top right corner. On this screen you can add a NSFW tag and double check your title is correct. Once you are ready hit post.

Now is the time to be patient. Why? Cause you may be thinking my post doesn’t look right? It’s showing a weird link preview and not my video!!! It takes time and some upvotes for your video to appear normal, as in the video displaying and autoplaying. Check back in about an hour (it’s usually less) and see if it has updated.

Building a Reputation On Reddit

Reddit has something called post and comment Karma. Meaning posting and interacting with posts build up your karma points. Some communities only allow you to post if you have a high karma rating. To build up your comment Karma upvote and comment on other people’s posts. Having a high karma rating also shows viewers you are active on the app which leads to more followers.

How explicit should I post?

Remember a good tease always makes more sales then tossing everything out for free. If someone can get off to your previews they wont need to buy your content. If you want to show a graphic clip limit it to just a couple seconds long. Like a quick titty drop, twerk, pussy rub and so on. Get the viewer curious to see more.

Helpful Tip: Want to find more communites? Go into one of the communities you joined and select a profile of another model with lots of upvotes. Scroll her page and see what other communities she posts in. Join any that apply to you.

Now you have all the tools to get started on Reddit. Have fun and make that money!!

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