BTS - Boy Girl Red Riding Hood Cosplay

Hey babes in this post I am going to talk about setting up a cosplay show.

First things first you need to establish the character and where they will be playing. For my storyline Little Red Riding Hood is thanking the woodcutter for saving her. To complete the feeling I used a tapestry and green rug from Amazon. This added a forest feel to my show. One important step when using a backdrop is steaming it or ironing it to reduce wrinkles. You can purchase a steamer on Amazon for around $20. If you don’t have access to a steamer pull and pin your backdrop as tight as possible. If this still doesn’t work you can try washing and drying it with fabric softener and hanging it immediately after.

Once you have the floor and backdrop set determine if you have any props that need to be incorporated. Props do not have to be used the whole time. In this show Little Red had a basket that I dug through to find something to give to the woodcutter before i offered sex. The prop was used momentarily and then remained in the background.

Now that your scene is set you need to light it properly. I strongly recommend an adjustable ring light that has the ability to go from cool and warm lighting. Some shows will need to be illuminated different to enhance the set. A ring light with a phone holder is also essential. Setting your phone down to film limits your angles and muffles your microphone. It will also free up a hand if you tend to hold your phone.

Next up Angles! Now everyone has different angles that work for them. Once I am dressed up I like to sit in front of the camera and run through shot ideas. This helps build your story board also. Think about progression as you film. Building up the excitement or positions as you film. Starting out with a bang and then finishing the show in one position looses its momentum. For me personally I shoot front facing shots from straight on or a higher angle to avoid any double chin that happens when you contort your body in funky positions. For booty shots i shoot low. I will tilt the camera up and place it about 4-6 inches from the floor or bed. This enhances my booty making it the focal point and making it look even bigger.

One important thing to remember especially when shooting with a partner is your normal sex wont show what your viewers want to see. What does that mean?!?! When you have sex normally your bodies are very close. When filming you need to open up and create camera space. Its totally okay to feature some clips of just bodies in action but viewers aren’t paying for porn they can see on cable after 9. So when planning your angles make sure to open up to the camera.

Okay okay you probably want to jump into filming… but just a couple more things first. Now that you know what angles you want to incorporate and everything is set up go over your script and game plan with your partner. Make sure they are aware of the length of filming, specific lines you need them to say and what they will be doing. It is critical that they know how long to last, that way they can pace themselves. In this set i explained to my partner his roll as the woodcutter and the tone to portray.

This is my process for any show, but it is extremely important for cosplay or partner shows. There is nothing worse than your partner loosing his hard on over and over as you troubleshoot and test things. For cosplay it helps you establish opportunities to make references so it’s actual cosplay and not just a costume. When making cosplay things don’t have to be exact but it has to be damn close.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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