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Blue Balls in Vegas

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You’re in the city of lights where anything is possible, and your biggest fantasy is about to come true. Three Tokes circles around as you lay on the bed. She plans for you…. She wants to beat you up in the best way possible. She slowly restrains you to the bed… but that’s not the only thing she is tying down. She reaches between those legs and grabs your balls. Securing them In a harness she attaches a leash. She now has full control of her pathetic little pet now. But your goddess wants you even more vulnerable, so she takes a blindfold and covers your eyes. Now all you can do is feel and hear. She starts teasing and beating your body with various whips and paddles. But there is one more trick up her latex skirt…. She wants to leave you with blue balls. So she climbs on the bed and slides your sad little cock into her mouth. Gripping and pulling the leash on your balls as she sucks. You feel the tight pull and release making your cock surge with blood until you precum only for her to get up and walk away.

Video Length: 10 Mins 53 Seconds

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