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About Three Tokes

A Random Collection of Three Tokes Info

Basic Info

Name: Crystal

Age: 33

Height: 5'6"

Location: Orange County, CA

Sign: Virgo

Nationality: Norwegian, Native American & German

Relationship Status: Single

Location: Orange County, CA

Three Tokes Holding Lighter and Bong
Three Tokes Sitting with Weed

About Me

Hi all! My name is Crystal and I wanted to share a little bit about myself. 

My passion in life in helping people. Throughout my journey that has taken many different forms. As a kid i would babysit and teach the younger kids in my neighborhood. I would create a free creative space for them to explore and challenge themselves. As an adult I worked for many years in the cannabis industry helping people learn about the plant and its medical benefits. I was blessed to work with a school for people on the autism spectrum and it was life changing. I transitioned into consulting and helped struggling businesses turn over a new leaf. As an adult content creator I do it by providing a safe, judgement free space where you can be yourself and be appreciated.

The same goes for my live streams. It is a platform to connect with people world wide to help brighten their day. A space to make everyone feel loved and appreciated no matter who they are. 

That is what motivates me every day. I hope that at the end of the day someone out there is smiling just a little bit more than they were before we connected.

Random Facts

She's been dying her own vivid hair colors for the past 10 years.

She worked in the cannabis industry or 8 years.

Started experimenting with cosplay in 2022.


Joined Twitch as a streamer in Fabruary 2023.


She has a cat named Muffin.

Her first pet was a tarantula.

She has a nerve condition that makes her body poorly regulate temperature and get very itchy. 

Wrestled in high school & took 3rd in Freestyle State.

Won awards from Dope Industries for Cannabis work.

Ran a live stream event company called LiftedTv.

Multiple people all over the country have her logo tattooed on their bodies.

Favorite Things

Space Candy & OG strains

Late 90s Early 2000s Cosplay

Classic Rock and Older underground Hip Hop

Adult Cartoons

Researching anything I'm curious about

My Kitty

Sharing knowledge & helping others

My Friends & Family <3

Foam Clay

The Grateful Dead

Overwatch 2 & Rocket League








Trying New Things


Board Games





Picture of Three Tokes in Leather

Her Current Adventure

Right now Three Tokes is focusing on Live Streaming and adult content creation.

You can join her multiple times throughout the week live on Twitch or slide into the naughtier side of things and check out her OF or her Snapchat.

With a huge collection of cosplay, lingerie, toys, props, backdrops, and more she deep dives into all her naughty fantasies and brings them to life on camera. When you purchase content with Three Tokes you are entering a judgement free zone where exploring and enjoying yourself is the ultimate goal. Whether you are dominant or submissive or somewhere in between there is content for everyone to enjoy.

Curious about what type of content Three Tokes makes? 

Check out her XXX store.

My Affiliates

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