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Twitch - Join me on Twitch at least three times a week live for at least 2-4 hours at a time.  Twitch isn't just for gaming we also hang out, chat, toke, play charades, do arts and crafts and more. Check out the Schedule pages to see when i go live. 

Discord Logo

Discord - My new favorite place! Here I can safely post uncensored posts or posts with nudity without the risk of being banned. I also spend many hours a week hanging out in voice chat on camera chilling, toking and gaming. We do special Behind the scenes hangouts for Twitch Subscribers while i work. It's also a great place to get to know fellow nuggets and share your interests. 

Snapchat Logo

Snapchat - My public snap has been transformed into my most safe for work platform (This does not include my premium snap just my public). Unfortunately Snap TOS keeps cracking down on me. So here you will find selfies, workout stuff, health stuff, stoner stuff and very vanilla thirst traps.

Reddit Logo

Reddit - This is for you gutter folks lol, the naughty little nuggets that want some free nudies. I will on very rare occasion drop free nudes here but I do not regularly interact or post on here just because it's not a big money maker. 

Instagram Logo

Instagram - The app the that hates me the most. I have been deleted so many times it hurts. I will maybe once or twice  a month post pics or cosplays on here but due to being butt fucked by TOS over and over I am soooo scared to post. I will try to be more active tho!

Twitter Logo

Twitter - After having my account for 12 years they banned me for a lingerie post. So although i have this silly little bird app I do not regularly use it.
If you all show me love on there I will make a point to be more active.

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